Sit back and relax

Ariara is a very special place. The feeling of total peace and tranquility which exists here is rare to find in this busy world in our hectic lives.

You can …

  • Enjoy the cooling breeze in the shade of the sun shelter at the end of the pier;
  • Laze in a hammock rocking gently under one of the ancient trees which kindly casts it’s shadow over the beach;
  • Sip a glass of champagne by the pool whilst getting lost in a good book;
  • Relax and unwind in the privacy and comfort of your own terrace;
  • Gaze out over the infinity pool at the breathtaking sunset;
  • Or even take the dog for a walk!

A yoga instructor can be booked for your stay to enhance your spiritual wellbeing, or a masseuse to ensure complete relaxation … ask and most wishes can be granted.