Discover the undiscovered

Venture further afield to explore the beautiful islands of this archipelago in the comfort of the KJ - a 100ft trimaran we have refitted and equipped with air conditioned cabins for live-on-board dive trips and exploring. See the striking rock formations, hidden lakes and hot springs of Coron, or the towering limestone cliffs and turquoise lagoons of Bacuit Bay.

Closer to home, take an early morning hike to the peak for the amazing view, the peace and tranquillity. Canoe around the island with colourful fish darting below you in the translucent waters.

Discover uninhabited islands and snorkel, look for shells, or have a picnic. Yours will be the only footprints in the sand (except maybe those of a shy monitor lizard or a turtle having laid its eggs in the night).

Nearby visit a recently discovered 17th Century Spanish fort which lies forgotten - its history and secrets being gradually hidden by the encroaching jungle.

The local Filipino people in these remote villages are shy but welcoming, meet them and experience their culture first hand.